Net Positive is the most compelling case that exists for why business just as much as governments must be driven by an urgent need to tackle dangerous climate change and widening inequality.”

— Kevin Rudd

26th Prime Minister of Australia and President of the Asia Society

“Net Positive offers a new frame of mind, seeing not just the long-term benefits but also the immediate wins of getting profit and purpose to work for one another.”

— Ajay Banga

Executive Chairman, Mastercard

Net Positive doesn’t just puncture—it totally annihilates—the myth that profitable business and a thriving society need somehow to be at odds.”

— Alan Jope

CEO, Unilever

“A compelling and inspiring case that businesses can—and should—boost their bottom lines by contributing to their communities and protecting the environment.”

— Al Gore

45th Vice President of the United States; Nobel Peace Prize winner; Chairman, Generation Investment Management

Net Positive will be pure heresy to all those who still subscribe to the failed dogma of shareholder primacy—which is exactly why we need it.”

— Arianna Huffington

founder and CEO, Thrive Global

“We are embarked” wrote Pascal almost 500 years ago. But we can take control of the ship and sail it to the Cape of Good Hope by using the compass of the greater good. The environmental challenge is a tempest. The social challenge a hurricane. Net Positive is the story of this formidable journey which we’re all invited to join. Companies, entrepreneurs, and each of us can choose this sustainable, inclusive, and resilient world we all dream of. It’s up to us. Let’s get on board.

— Bertrand Badré

CEO and Founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital and former Managing Director of the World Bank

“The net positive train is leaving the station, and the bravest, smartest leaders are already on board.”

— Christiana Figueres

Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 2010-2016; coauthor, The Future We Choose 

Net Positive is compulsory reading for any business which wants to position itself well in the more sustainable and equitable world to which we all aspire, and to thrive while doing so.”

— Helen Clark

37th Prime Minister of New Zealand, United Nations Development Programme Administrator 2009-2017

“Investors are waking up to the fact that business can and should be profitable by serving societies, Net Positive hands these investors the insights they need to shape boardroom discussions and hold C-suites to account.”

— Hiro Mizuno

UN Special Envoy on Innovative finance and Sustainable Investments; Chief Investment Officer, Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan 2015-2020

“For every business leader who understands that making a positive impact on the world is the only viable long-term strategy but doesn’t know how to do it, here’s your guide.”

— Isabelle Kocher

CEO of ENGIE 2016-2020

“The beauty of Net Positive is its scale. Overhaul companies, shift industries, transform markets, put capitalism in greater service of the world.”

— Jacqueline Novogratz

founder and CEO, Acumen

“This is an important book about…the actions needed to transition to a net positive future. It is refreshingly direct in pointing out the courage needed as well as the respect for what it takes.”

— Jesper Brodin


“The tasty story of how mayo beat ketchup evolves into a master class on how CEOs and other leaders can lead the shift from degenerative to regenerative business models. A must-read.”

— John Elkington

founder and Chief Pollinator, Volans; author, Green Swans

Net Positive turns courage and principled action into an electrifying strategy for business success. It’s powerful, persuasive, and unlike any other book you’ve read.”

— Ken Frazier

Executive Chairman, Merck

“A radically different vision for the relationship between business, civil society, and government, replacing short-term self-interest with enlightened long-term partnership for our common goals.”

— John Podesta

Chair, Center for American Progress

Net Positive is an unassailable argument for embracing stakeholder capitalism. Every business leader should read this book.”

— Marc Benioff

Chair and CEO, Salesforce

“Net positive companies are mission-critical in driving stable, inclusive, climate-protecting markets. This is as much a financial transformation story as a business how-to.”

— Mark Carney

Governor of the Bank of England 2013-2020; UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance

“This book detonates the idea that net zero takes us far enough. It will be extremely uncomfortable reading for corporate laggards and the vested interests that support them.”

— Mary Robinson

President of Ireland 1990-1997; UN High Commissioner for Human Rights 1997-2002; Chair, The Elders

“We don’t just need net positive companies, we need a net positive movement. This book can start it.”

— Professor Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize winner; and founder, Grameen Bank

“A must-read for anyone trying to build a successful company in growth markets. Really, this is the future of business.”

— N. Chandrasekaran

Chairman, Tata Sons

“Polman and Winston show business precisely how it must transform to embrace this new era of partnership and become a powerful force for economic and social renewal. It is an immensely important contribution.”

— Nick Stern

Professor of Economics and Government and Chair of the Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics

“A wonderful rallying call to business leaders all over the world to step up to the greatest opportunity, and responsibility, of our time.”

— Sir Richard Branson

founder, Virgin Group

“Carefully considered and deeply rooted in the real world of management.”

— Satya Nadella

Chairman and CEO, Microsoft

“Paul and Andrew deliver the most compelling explanation yet of how to build a flourishing business by valuing your people and respecting our planet.”

— Sharan Burrow

General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation